Getting lost in the lost city: Petra Chronicles

Jordan was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I remember the driver picking me up  from my hotel in Amman for the drive to Petra. He looked at me through the rear-view mirror and said, “You have water? It is going to be very hot” I smiled in anticipation and instantaneously decided to use the two hour drive to get to  know my driver and the Jordanian culture. I probed about relations with the surrounding countries, Jordanian food, best places to visit in Jordan, and dating. He said, “Here in Jordan your mother picks your wife. You really want to make sure your mother knows your taste in women otherwise you’d end up with an ugly woman” I laughed at the idea of my mother picking a husband for me. I’d be ruined! I adjusted my position at the back of the car- we were going to have a great conversation. He took his eyes off the road for a brief second, then said, “You have the eyes of a Jordanian woman”. “African. You mean an african woman” I corrected him. He smiled then nodded in agreement. 

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll absolutely love the Rose City. The Rose City also known as Petra or The Lost City is nothing short of gorgeous. The twists and turns will lead you to breathtakingly beautiful cravings in the mountains. The varying shades of sandstone colouring in the walls of the mountains rivalled nothing I have ever laid eyes on.

 I traveled through the royal temple and tomb. When I reached the monastery, I paused to take in the structure. It was quiet- peaceful, even.  I liked it. I liked the intimidating mountains that remind humanity of its place in the world but contradicted that reminder by letting us know how much could be achieved if we set our minds to it. I was snapped out of my reflection by the sudden sound of rap music blasting “…Ain’t no limit to this as long as we drop gansta shit” I was shocked. Was that Snoop playing? Why am I hearing this here? How is this possible? Before I had the chance to spell out globalization, a petite bedoiun turns around the corner on his donkey with music blasting as he sang along. I shook my head. Globalization! Bringing America rap to Petra one bedouin at a time. 

What to see: The Monastery. The Temple. 

What to know: ‘bedouins are hard as the desert, soft as the sand, move like the wind, and are free”